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Moths repellent

The perfect care for your woolens

5àsec dry cleaning shops have developed an anti-moth product to get rid of those parasites. Professional laundry washing is the best option against small holes in woolens.

Moths are tiny little butterflies which lay invisible eggs on our garments. They particularly thrive on wardrobe full of wool and other natural fibres, such as coats, suits, jumpers, cardigans, skirts, but also duvets and carpets.

The professional cleaning of your items is the only comprehensive treatment which provides you with a long lasting protection and a perfect hygiene against those parasites.

5àsec offers you an anti-moth treatment item per item. MICROSTOP® is a treatment made from natural plant extracts. It is therefore not harmful.

5àsec advices

Make an anti-moth treatment at each change of season.… More particularly in early summer and winter.

Close your drawers and cupboards to prevent moth from invading your wardrobe. 

Protect the clothes you do not wear often with garment covers.

Ideal for the following textiles


Sweaters, vests, delicate dresses...